1:1 Coaching

I specialize in 1:1 coaching whereby you and I engage in a series of thought-provoking conversations defined by active listening, insightful questioning, and objective feedback in a confidential and non-judgmental  environment.

The focus is 100% on you and together we set up a dedicated space for you to bring out your finest thinking. In this way we create the best possible conditions for you to make the changes that you want—be it in your life, career, or business.

While we might reflect on your past experiences to understand your current reality, we’ll be devoting most of our time to your desired reality and how to get there. Adopting this bias towards action, you will visualize what success looks like for you. Together we chart a path forward.

How I Work

Drawing from a wide range of schools of thought, I use the perspectives most relevant to your needs. I help you explore possibilities for yourself while you dig deep for your own solutions.

One thing’s for sure: I will not tell you what to do. I believe you are the expert on your own life and can decide for yourself. But I’ll be your thinking partner and together we’ll get to the bottom of the beliefs, values, expectations, assumptions, and patterns of behavior that inform how you show up in life. Together we look out for any obstacles—real or imaginary—that hold you back from realizing your potential.

I strongly believe that people become their best when they have the right levels of support and challenge. I’ll support you by helping you see and leverage your strengths and build strategies that are aligned with your values. At the same time, I’ll challenge your thinking and encourage you to adopt viewpoints that may initially cause you discomfort but might eventually lead to new insights.

Despite having written for years, I eventually found myself at a crossroad — and questioning my vocation. Phillis not only helped me rediscover my ‘spark’ but made me realize the importance of rest. They are symbiotically connected: that spark can only go so far after which one must allow oneself sufficient rest. That couldn’t be more pertinent for a journalist in current times.

Malaysian Journalist in Bonn, Germany

I worked with Phillis as I was trying to set up my business. Although I was excited about it, there was something holding me back. I was sabotaging myself and making excuses. The sessions with Phillis have allowed me to get to know myself better and discover what is behind my limiting beliefs. I felt like I could open up and really share what I thought. By doing so, it opened up my mind to new ways of seeing what was happening to me. Working with her was a key accompaniment to advancing my project.

Colombian Entrepreneur in Berlin, Germany

When we started our coaching partnership, I felt lost and torn. I wanted to progress in my career, but I struggle to fight the mom guilt plus the challenges of being an expat. I want the balance of having a career that I want and being present as a mom. Phillis helped me see how it is possible to have both through her client-focused approach. Thanks to Phillis I now have a clearer vision of what I want, and I am now working towards achieving my game plan.

Filipina Expat in Redditch, UK

Coaching Programs

Finding the right coach can be overwhelming because there are simply so many coaches out there.

I want to make it easy for you to find out if I’m the right match for you.

Therefore, I offer the following low-threshold steps. Take one step at a time and then decide if you want to move on to the next.

Step 1: Let’s chat
Do you want to find out if we’re a good fit?

Book a 30-minute discovery call. In this consultation free of charge, we’ll get to know each other as well as talk about what you would like to work on and how I can help you.

Step 2: Give it a try
Do you want to get a sense of what it’s like to work with me?

Arrange for a 60-minute trial coaching session at a reduced rate.

1 x 60-Minute Session | EUR 45

Step 3: Sign up for a coaching package
Do you have a good feeling about our chemistry and the results it can bring?

Choose from my coaching packages:

Coaching takes place online and includes the following:
  • 60-minute sessions scheduled once every 2 weeks on Google Meet
  • Personalized tools and resources to help facilitate self-discovery and action planning
  • Additional support in between sessions via email and WhatsApp