Phillis Fajardo

Transformational Coach for Internationals

Embracing change is the first step towards a new and improved version of yourself.

My mission is to enable you to take this step and help you chart a meaningful path forward.

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Create a Purpose-Driven Life, Career or Business Away from Home

As an expat living and working abroad for the better part of a decade, I know about the insecurities that come with leaving everything behind to start anew in a foreign country. Whether you left your home to live and work in another country temporarily or permanently, of your own accord or somewhat reluctantly, intentionally or by chance, adapting to your new host community can be challenging. On the other hand, moving abroad also presents vast opportunities that can help you build a meaningful and thriving life, career, or business. As a certified transformational coach, I want to support you through the process of change and help you lean into this extraordinary experience.

Whether you’re someone who’s planning on moving abroad for the first time or someone who’s been living abroad for quite some time now, coaching can empower you through significant change and help you reimagine what is possible for you personally and professionally.

To give you an idea of the themes that my clients and I explore in our coaching conversations, here are some of the things I typically hear from my clients:

“I want to live and work abroad but I’m afraid of leaving my comfort zone to try my luck somewhere else.”

“I just moved to a new country and now I feel overwhelmed by all the big changes and anxious about starting over.”

“I’ve been living and working in a foreign country for quite some time now but oftentimes I still feel lonely and homesick and feel like I have yet to take control of my life.”

“I have emigrated to a new country and have been struggling to integrate into my new community.”

“I moved abroad for my partner and have trouble picking up where I left off in my career.”

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What My Clients Say

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Karlsruhe, Germany

I’m an American public speaking coach who's been living in Europe for the past 4 years. Phillis and I crossed paths in an online forum for female-identified business owners in Germany. I was lucky to find her! Phillis' coaching led to transformation in several areas of my life. She invited me to embrace my multi-hyphenate creative and professional backgrounds as a strength and not a deficiency, and this has led to increased clarity in my speech coaching business. Our work together touched on topics that have long been stumbling blocks: ambivalence about selling and claiming my gifts.

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Bari, Italy

I’m a Japanese expat spouse who’s been living in Germany for 6 years before moving temporarily to Italy where my family has been staying for 3 years now. I’m a teacher by profession and planning to go back to work after my youngest child starts school. From my coaching sessions with Phillis, I learned about how to prioritize my career. I was able to build my can-do attitude which I sometimes lose touch with in my daily life as a wife and mother. In our sessions I could focus on myself and my interests which allowed me to nurture my passions apart from my family. She is a true professional as a coach and I enjoyed every conversation with her. Not only is she good at making sense of what I'm thinking, she's also good at guiding me in thinking deeply about my next steps.

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Stuttgart, Germany

I’m a Swedish interior and graphic designer who’s been living in the US for 20 years before moving to Germany in 2020. In my new home I found myself struggling to get back on track with my career, so I decided to sign up for coaching to spark motivation and revisit my values to be able to move forward in a more constructive way. As a coach, Phillis is a great listener, very friendly and calm. She summarizes conversations and thoughts and pull out the important parts that will make things clearer. She asks questions that make you think and reflect, and at times go deeper to get to know yourself better and the direction you're heading. You will definitely come out wiser at the other end of your sessions with Phillis.

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Munich, Germany

I’m an American expat based in Munich. When I started coaching, I felt stuck between different worlds and especially so because I have to start over in a new country. As a coach, Phillis created a safe environment for thoughtful exploration without judgment. I have a unique multi-career path that many would find unconventional, but she gave me the space and understanding to objectively explore what fit with my goals and lifestyle. As a fellow expat, she also brings valuable understanding to my unique situation. I can absolutely see the ways my sessions with her shaped my intentions and decisions moving forward. I find that I have more clarity now in identifying job opportunities that will serve my ultimate goals and desires.